Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

Women’s council

On the basis of the Aktobe law institute named after M. Bukenbaev,the women’s council operates, the chairman of which is the teacher of the criminal procedure and criminalistics department, the police major S.G. Nazarbayeva, the vice-president of the women’s council is the senior lecturer of the General Law disciplines department, the lieutenant colonel of the police A.K. Karimbayeva. And secretary of the methodologist of the faculty of raising and additional education, the captain of the police Kuashov. Z.G.

The Women’s Council of the Institute is a public organization. The activity of the Women’s Council is based on a wide initiative, creativity and self-initiative of women, taking into account specific tasks, which include: social and cultural development in the team, organization of leisure for families, holding holidays, strengthening ties of generations; joint holding of days off, festive days; Other activities.

The General Meeting of Women is held once every six months and additionally, as necessary, the Women’s Council is the highest women’s social organization. It is competent to address the main issues of women’s activities, the strengthening of the moral and moral climate in the institute, the education of the younger generation, the formation of public opinion among women.

The work of the women’s council of the AJI of  the  MIA of  RK  named after  M. Bukenbaeva is built on the basis of the annual plan, which is considered first at a meeting of the women’s council, and then approved by the head of the institute.

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