Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

Rest with health benefits


On the eve of the winter release of cadets, the leadership of 1 “A” course organized a trip outside the city to the recreation zone “Sunny”. This trip helped the cadets to rest a little from the surrender of the session and return to the service with full force.

         The formation of a healthy lifestyle is especially important for such a group of young people as cadets of the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In connection with this, the cadets of the 1st “A” course decided to spend their day off with health benefits by visiting the recreation center “Solnechny”. The benefit of skating is obvious, it is an opportunity to actively relax and get a charge of positive emotions. The event was attended by the course management, teachers, deputy head of the institute, as well as the cadets themselves 1 “A” course. Thanks to such an excellent combination, all this allows you to have fun and with good health.

         This event was organized not only for recreation, but also for the purpose of strengthening the relationships within the team, as well as the development of such important personal qualities as perseverance, purposefulness, will, determination.


Deputy Chief of the Course

Police Captain

Orazdaliev S.P.

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