Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev



The common goal of the state and society is to prevent minor crimes, to form a legal culture of the population, to ensure the participation of citizens in the prevention of offenses, and to encourage every citizen to prevent violations. Every citizen should simply not be indifferent when an offense is committed before his eyes, be able to react in time, make a remark, call the police. Only by joint efforts can we ensure order in our society.

         In accordance with the plan of organizational and practical measures for the formation in the society of the principle of “zero tolerance” to the offenses for 2017, the teaching staff of the Department of Military and Physical Training of the Aktobe Law Institute named after M. Bukenbaev of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts educational work aimed at raising the legal culture and the sense of justice of the cadets of our institute. The classes talk about the harmful impact of legal violations on society and the values ​​of human culture, as it can be seen that it affects the person and his interests. In recent years, crime rates have significantly increased, which contradicts the general picture of improving the socio-economic situation in the country. To reduce the level of crime in the country and increase public safety in Kazakhstan, a policy is being actively implemented to create an atmosphere of intolerance towards violations in society. It is proposed to apply the principle of “zero tolerance” to minor, but most often committed offenses. The time has come to involve the general public in this process through various projects and joint events. As well as teachers of the department, extra classes are conducted for students of schools and lyceums in the city of Aktobe.

         In the classroom, the boys show interest in the problems of city pollution and the uncivilized behavior of some citizens of the society, and discussions are held. In general, students correctly understand the principle of “zero tolerance” for minor, but most often committed offenses, such as hooliganism, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, garbage ejection, etc.



lecturer of the department of MandPhT

police Major

Elemesov T.Zh.

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