Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

Scientifc activity

The scientific activity of the Institute is based on the principles of the preservation and development of scientific schools, ensuring the connection between scientific research and the educational process, supporting and stimulating fundamental, applied research in the established sphere of activity, as well as scientific, technical and experimental design work on priority areas for the development of science, Development of international scientific cooperation.

Scientific activity of the Institute includes:

  • Research work;
  • Scientific and methodical work;
  • Development of scientific schools of the Institute;
  • Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;
  • Scientific work of young scientists and cadets;
  • International scientific cooperation;
  • Participation of employees in scientific events.

The main tasks of research work at the Institute are:

  • Development of complex topics on topical issues of legal and social sciences;
  • Enrichment of the educational process with the achievements of science and practice, increasing the effectiveness of the educational process and the quality of training of cadets and students;
  • Conducting research on topical problems of the activity of law enforcement bodies, which contribute to strengthening the fight against crime;
  • Organization of research on the problems of university pedagogy;
  • The introduction of completed developments in the practice of the internal affairs bodies, which contribute to strengthening the fight against crime;
  • Training and professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • Development of scientific creativity of cadets, inculcation of skills in research work;
  • Implementation of prospecting studies for the future;
  • Ensuring a high scientific level of publications, editing and reviewing manuscripts, timely preparation for publication;
  • Participation in international relations in the field of scientific research.

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