Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

The Museum

One of the main places in the organization of patriotic education of young employees and cadets is the museum of our educational institution, which has been operating since 2005. The total area of ​​the museum is 72 sq.m. The organization of the work of the museum is the responsibility of the staff of the educational work department. The museum fund includes expositions with archival documents, photographs reflecting the history and the current stage of the university development, as well as exhibits and materials about the exploits of Heroes of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova and Malkejar Bokenbaev, whose name was awarded to the institute, about veterans and BIA officers who died in the service duty Kenzhalin R. and Baytasov G.

Here you can find interesting materials about veterans of war and labor, dummies dressed in old police uniforms. The museum also has a sports corner, in which there are various medals and diplomas won by athletes of our school.

During these years the museum was visited by high guests, who left their warm wishes in the book “Honored Guests”.


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