Aktobe law institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after M. Bukenbaev

A house in which there is strength of mind and fighting spirit


December 15, 2017 on the eve of the celebration of Independence Day, in the walls of the AJI MIA of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after . M. Bukenbaev  was the opening of a new barracks location for cadets of the 2nd year.

The modernization of the barracks was carried out under the clear guidance of the chief of the 2nd year, the police major, N. Kazhliliev.

Accommodation of variable composition with all conveniences and new layout is a pledge that promotes successful service, excellent motivation, solid discipline, fresh views and purposeful plans for the future, and, of course, a pleasant and cozy atmosphere for variable composition.

The event was attended by the institute’s leadership, honored veterans of the Internal Affairs Directorate, adviser to the first deputy city branch of the Nur Otan Party, Yerzhakypov M.S, the faculty of the institute, where the chief of the course, the police major, Kazhigaliev N. was given a report on the work done and on further plans to improve and modernize the barracks arrangement, as well as to create comfort for the resident variable composition. At the end of the event the guests expressed good wishes for the course and the final course.


Head of the 2nd year

police Major

Kazhigaliyev N.N.

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